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The conference will include the following subjects:

1. Water and Wastewater Management and Treatment
Water quality. wastewater treatment technology, water reuse, groundwater, drinking and industrial wastewater treatment, engeneering concepts, software and system control.

2. Solid Waste Management and Treatment
Collection, transportation, sorting plants, recycling technologies, landfill design, incinerators, medical wastes, sludge, municipal and undustrial wastes, leachate, case studies, equipment and system control.

3. Environmental Legislations and Laws
Laws, standards, regulations, national and international policies, environmental quality, case studies, national and international cooperation and treaties.

4. Environmental Planning and Developement
Environmental impact assessment, information systems, cooperation between gorvernmental and nongovernmental institutions, environmentalprojects, developements and sustainable developement.

5. Environmental Education, Labors and Training
training courses, education, public involvement, workshops, seminars, conferences, labors, participation and all other related topics.